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At Daka SecAnim, we pick up dead animals from animal husbandry and recycle them as raw materials in biodiesel and meat meal production. We service agriculture and hobby farming throughout Denmark, and we are part of the veterinary contingency. Daka SecAnim is a sustainable company with a strong focus on safety and the environment. We work every day to add new value to by-products in an environmentally friendly way through processing. That is why we are certainly the safe choice.

Waste products are one of the major resources of the future. Daka SecAnim knows this: By collecting and processing many tons of waste products daily from farms and slaughterhouses. Daka SecAnim performs a task for society ensuring that waste products are used as a resource. Any possible spread of contagious animal diseases is minimised through the company’s collection and processing. At Daka SecAnim, waste products are recycled for fertiliser and energy production.

There is a strong focus on environmentally-sound collection of raw materials, and Daka SecAnim plans collection of all raw materials, which ensures the least impact on the environment and the best product quality.


Not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling. Quite the opposite in fact is the case. The law is very clear in specifying those This is where Daka SecAnim collects and recylces raw materials which are classified as potentially hazardous and which have to be handeled carefully. These materials are handlede in line with legal requirements and the highest possible levels of hygiene. The finished products are used for organic fertilisersecond generation biodiesel and CO2-reducing fuel for the cement industry.

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Private horse owners

Daka SecAnim provides professional service to farmers, private animal owners and companies. Therefore, we also pick up horses from private horse owners.

Horses collected by Daka SecAnim are recycled into high quality products for fertilizer purposes as well as Biodiesel. At Daka SecAnim, safety and the environment are paramount, and we strive to always create the best possible yield from the raw materials we have. All in all, it is a very environmentally friendly process where nothing is wasted.

Here you can find our collection portal for private horse owners.


Dead livestock is probably not what you as a farmer want to spend your time and energy on. You don’t have to. To ensure that you can focus on what matters to you and your production, we have developed the concept: PIGUP&KO.

The free app, PIGUP&KO, allows you to quickly and easily register your dead livestock on your phone. Furthermore, we have developed multiple storage options made specifically to ensure that you can easily, and not to mention safely, store your dead livestock.

Here you can read more about the PIGUP& KO app.
Here you can read more about PIGUP&KO storage solutions.

Advice & Guidance

Do you have challenges with decaying-fees, and do you, like most other farmers, want to optimize handling and finances around the inevitable residual flow of dead animals from your livestock production?

Do you want a well-appointed collection point where Daka SecAnim can pick up your dead animals quickly, efficiently and as gently as possible?

Or are you in doubt about what we actually use the dead animals from livestock production for?

If you want to find inspiration, guidance and stories, click here to get more insight into the services that Daka SecAnim offers for the handling of dead production animals.


Daka SecAnim provides professional and environmental services to farmers and businesses. The residual products from our services are used for organic fertilizers, biodiesel and CO2-reducing fuel for cement plants.

We process the by-products in such a way that veterinary and environmental regulations are complied with. This is done by choosing production equipment that minimizes the environmental impact and minimizes the risk of impact on the environment in combination with modern environmental facilities. Improvement of environmental measures and establishment of further environmental improvements takes place as technology within the environmental area improves.

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