PIGUP&KO Cadaver Cover

Product Description

Cadaver covers have always had the advantage of being cheaper than other solutions while also being super effective, assuming they are used correctly. Unfortunately, many cadaver covers break, most often due to fragile grip rings.

Which is why we took it upon ourselves to create a cadaver cover with a superior solid grip ring. The new cadaver cover minimizes the contamination risk, but remember to place the cadaver cover on solid ground – we recommend a slotted concrete floor.

Read sales and delivery conditions here. (Danish)

PRICE: 2.695 DKK.
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Specifications for Cadaver Cover

Equipment for Cadaver Cover

Gripping ring (Separate)
On many cadaver covers, the grip is fragile, resulting in the cover breaking more easily. We have therefore developed an extra solid gripping ring, which can be mounted on the cadaver cover and thereby reduce the chance that the cadaver cover will be damaged during collection. If you have an effective cadaver cover that lacks an impact-resistant gripping ring, it is therefore also possible to purchase the gripper ring separately, which you can then mount on your cadaver cover.

  • Reduces the chance of damage
  • Distance between holes for mounting – 51,5 cm
  • Meets the requrements of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and the Danish demands

Read sales and delivery conditions here. (Danish)

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All prices are excl. VAT and freight.

FREE Sticker for Cadaver Cover

Order a sticker free of charge with instructions for the correct placement of the cadaver cover and the animals. The animals and the cover must always be placed perpendicular to the truck across the slits. With this sticker, you are sure to always get your cadaver cover positioned correctly.

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