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PIGUP&KO Collection Well

Product Description

Dakas collection well is made of solid fiberglass and with a fiberglass grate bottom. The well gives you the greatest discretion possible and the highest degree of protection against the spread of infectious disease. This is due to the high degree of protection against carrion-feeding animals, and the product’s design in accordance with Daka’s collectionmethods. Thanks to the well’s tight lid obnoxious smells are reduced significantly. Even with the well’s impressive storage capabilities it is still statutory to register dead livestock within 24 hours of it being declared dead. Frequent pickups doesn’t cost you extra and provides a better product for recycling.

Read sales and delivery conditions here. (Danish)

PRICE: 39.995 DKK.
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All prices are excl. VAT and freight.

Specifications for Well

  • 1,5 x 3,8 meters
  • Solid grip ring
  • Fiberglass body
  • Fiberglass grate bottom
  • Conforms to the Danish Vetrinary and Food Administration, and the DANISH-concept's requirements
  • Includes consultancy regarding placement, installation and use 
  • Fast and easy installation with thorough assembly guide
  • Professional installation can be purchased separately
  • NB: The well requires a connection to a drain - A leachate well can be purchased additionally

Download the instructions for use here. (Danish)

Equipment for Well

Piglet Inserts
In addition to the efficient collection well, it is also possible to purchase piglet inserts. These inserts are specially made for PIGUP&KO's collection well and replace 2 ordinary piglet containers.

  • Dedicated to piglets
  • Specially produces for PIGUP&KO Collection Well
  • Replaces 2 regular piglet containers

PRICE: 8.450 DKK.
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All prices are excl. VAT and freight.

Registration with the PIGUP&KO app

Daka SecAnim wants to make the collection as easy as possible for you. If you have a CHR number, you can use the PIGUP&KO app to register the animals when they are ready for collection, no matter where you are. The digitally connected customer portal contains all the necessary documents, statistics and invoices. The dead production animals are transported to the Daka SecAnim factory in Randers, where a professional and safe handling is carried out in accordance with Danish and EU guidelines.

Find more information about the app here.

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