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Raw Materials in Daka SecAnim

The raw material base for production at Daka SecAnim's plant is discarded animal parts from slaughterhouses and fallen stock. The raw materials belong to categories 1 and 2 in accordance with the section in the regulation on by-products.

Daka SecAnim processes the raw materials for energy and fertiliser purposes; at the same time, safety with regard to the spread of contagious livestock diseases is maximised.

Management of all deliveries
Daka SecAnim manages the transport of all raw materials itself, ensuring that the raw materials are transported as quickly as possible. Transport carried out by external carriers takes place in Daka SecAnim's own containers, which are used for this purpose.

Fresh and unspoilt raw materials
Unspoilt raw materials are a prerequisite for Daka SecAnim being able to process the animal by-products in an environmentally-sound manner and with the least possible inconvenience to the surrounding community. The freshness of the raw materials is also important for the consistent quality of the processed products. This is important to allow the products to be utilised for energy and technical purposes on the best possible economical basis.

The raw materials at the plant
The segregation of raw materials into different receiving silos ensures that raw materials can be constantly added to production in a regulated manner, thereby ensuring that the finished products are homogeneous and comply with the declared specifications.

Rules for Collection and Payment

In the below links you will find information about Daka SecAnim's general conditions for collection and payment, and also you will find important information about Daka SecAnim's rules for collection of dead animals. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact Daka SecAnim here.

Generelle afhentnings- og afregningsbetingelser (Danish)

Which types of Raw Materials does Daka SecAnim accept?

Daka SecAnim accepts:

  • Animal by-products of category 1 and 2
  • Dead farm animals and parts of farm animals and animals from which it is normal to eat meat
  • Hunted game and parts thereof
  • Domestic animals used as test animals for operations etc. that are put down in connection with the operation
  • Parts of larger animals from zoos

The guidelines above cover pigs, cattle, goats, sheep, ostriches, poultry, mink, foxes, hunted game, zoo animals, etc.

Daka SecAnim does not accept:

  • Pets (dogs and cats)
  • Veterinary waste, including dogs and cats, etc.
  • Laboratory animals subject to medical experiments, including animals that are bred for this purpose, including mice, rats, hamsters, etc.
  • Genetically modified animals
  • Other animals such as mice, rats, reptiles, snakes, monkeys, parrots, etc.


Daka SecAnim is aware of the following processing options, as an alternativ to the animals, we do not accept:

Cremation of laboratory animals, pets. etc. The only limitation is size, where dogs are the maximum. Animals may possibly be cut into suitable pieces and then cremated. The company collects all over the country.

Dansk Dyrekremering cremates pets, and is the only company to take whole horses. Receives horses from Denmark and abroad.

Collects and cremates pets, etc., mainly in the northern part of Jutland.'

Collects and cremates pets, etc.

Daka Denmark A/S
Lundagervej 21
DK-8722 Hedensted
CVR-nr 33776039

Phone: +45 7928 4047

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 07.00-15.00