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For sure the safe choice

Daka SecAnim is part of Daka Denmark A/S.

All of the business areas in Daka Denmark have safe, sustainable and productive management of natural resources as a focal point. For almost 100 years, Daka Denmark has been guarantor for safe handling, but also sustainable recycling and recycling of by-products from agriculture and the food industry.

This is where Daka SecAnim comes into the picture. SecAnim collects and processes many tons of residual products daily from e.g. agriculture and slaughterhouses and thus helps to carry out a societal task, where residual products are utilized as a resource, and where any spread of infectious livestock diseases is minimized precisely by Daka SecAnim collecting and processing these. At Daka SecAnim, the residual products are recycled for fertilizer production and energy production.

In 2020, Daka Denmark made its first sustainability report. Read it here, where you will also find more information about Daka SecAnim's sustainable efforts.

Daka Denmarks Sustainability Report

In 2021, Daka Denmark has published its first sustainability report. The report is a collection of concrete sustainability stories from Daka's business areas and facts from our comprehensive life cycle analysis

Daka Denmark A/S
Lundagervej 21
DK-8722 Hedensted
CVR-nr 33776039

Phone: +45 7928 4047

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 07.00-16.00
Friday 07.00-15.00