Advice for a good pickup point

The pickup point is where, we at Daka meet your production and our daily cooperation takes its basis. Having a good collectionsspace means that we at Daka SecAnim can collect your dead animals as fast, effective and gentle as possibl. Read along, and get our tips for a well-arranged collectionspace.

Meet your Driver

One of the drivers that collects dead animals on a daily basis in the danish realm, is Thomas Tirsbæk. He is fond of his work, given that the freedom is extensive, and also somewhat bigger than other drivers jobs.

”I have been driving with quite a lot of other things in the transportindustry, where you are often asked, how far you are and when you arrive here and there. Here i reseive a timetable in the morning, which I am supposed to accomplish in an effective and secure way during the day,” Thomas Tirsbæk says.

Thomas Tirsbæk makes a virtue of delivering a good service, when he visits the many pickup point in the country, given that it provides a professional pride.

“As far as possible I try to cooperate with the farmers. I therefor always ensure that if the farmer registers three pigs, I also collect three pigs, not two and a half. I make a virtue of leaving the space in proper conditions and treat the farmers materiels with respect,” Thomas Tirsbæk says and continues:

”I gladly take an extra step for the customers and give an extra 10 procent, when it is needed, given that it also make me a little happier and a little more proud of my work. Especially if I visit places, I don’t visit that often, such as horse customers, who might not know, how the animals should be placed. Then I do a little extra to make sure that things are done properly.”

The drivers advice for a good collectionspace

Thomas Tirsbæk has picked up dead animals for seven years, and has almost visited every corner of Denmark in the red truck, to collect animals for recycling at Daka SecAnim. He has seen many collectionspaces through out the years, and he therefore knows which initiatives that makes his work easy and flexible.

”An important thing is the space to make a turn. We are not allowed to reverse to a public road and it is therefore preferable to turn at the collectionspace. It is therefore important to make sure that there are no vehicles or other equipment on the space, which makes it impossible to turn,” says Thomas Tirsbæk and continues:

”It is preferable to load the animals onto the truck from the left side. It is worth noticing that our claw is not able to turn. It makes some limitations for our options. If you place your animals perpendicular to the truck, it is easy to grab them. Then you also make it easier for us to leave a nice collectionspace.”

It generally makes the job easier for Thomas Tirsbæks, if you take the trucks limitations into account, when you fill up the space, but also when you as a farmer has considered the arrangement of the collectionspace itself.

”Those, who for instance shield their collectionspace with a fence, should think about the fact that i must not be too high on the side from where we are loading the truck,given that we need to be able to see, what we are doing with the claw,” says Thomas and continues:

”Some places, people use a tarpaulin as cover, but it can be wraped into the claw. We are very aware of avoiding a spread of infectious desease. Therefor we need to stand on the space, for instance to fiddle a taraulin of the claw.”

In general Thomas Tirsbæk sees a positiv development when visiting the productions of domestic animals.

”I experience a greater and greater consciousness about that the dead animals is not only garbage, but a ressource that kan be used and recycled. More perople has become better at registering their animals faster and work properly with that part of the production,” Thomas Tirsbæk finishes.

If you need any information about how to arrange you pickup point, read more here 

Think about the expression your pickup point sends

It is not only for the sake of the driver that you should think about the way your collectionspace looks. At Daka we believe that the pickup point is an important part of your work environment and image.

The first thing you wish to meet on you way to work is hardly the dead animals from the production, you try to take care of. Your pickup point sends a signal to those, who uses it and those, who pass by. Think about the signal you wish to consign as a workplace, by handling this part of the production in a decent way. A pickup point, which is thought out, can have a positive impact on both your work environment and the signal you consign to the society about you.

More cars in the summer

From the summer of 2021 Daka Secanim put more cars in motion in the warm periods. We do that to respond faster, before the animals decompose. It is decisive for us to collect as fresh animals as possible, given that we with fresher animals can make more and better biodiesel.

However the cars can not be helpful, if the animals are not continuously registered. Are you in doubt of how to register the animals and how they are collected? We have gathered five good advices from the advisor Lars Jørgen Nielsen.


Farmers Consultant

Lars Jørgen Nielsen

Phone: +45 5156 4092
Mobile: +45 5156 4692