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Find inspiration, guidance, and stories, which will provide insight in the service offered by Daka SecAnim, regaring the collection of dead animals.

5 recommendations about ordering collection

Do you have any challenges with allocation of decay fees and do you, as many other farmers, like to optimize the conducting and economy regarding the inevitable stream of dead animals from your production of domestic animals?

Here, our agricultural consultant Lars Jørgen, undergo a series of general recommendations, which you can profitably use, if you want to reduce the amount of decay fees in your production.

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Advice for a good collectionspace

The collectionsspace is where, we at Daka SecAnim meet your production and our daily cooperation takes its basis. Having a good collectionsspace means that we at Daka SecAnim can collect your dead animals as fast, effective and gentle as possible.

Read here and get our tips for a well-arranged collectionspace.

A drivers view on the collectionspace

Your collectionspace is not only a place, which you and your employees use in the day-to-day operations. Daka SecAnims drivers, who drives around the country in the red trucks, visits many of the danish collectionspaces on a daily basis. If any, the Daka SecAnim driver knows, which initiatives is needed for a good collectionspace.

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From dead animals to biodiesel

When Daka SecAnim picks up dead animals across the country, the fat of the animals is converted into biodiesel. Biodiesel is devided into two categories: 1st and 2nd generation of biodiesel. 1st generation of biodiesel is based on biomass from primary crops (based on plants) to biodiesel. Daka makes 2nd generation of biodiesel based on waste products from food production, primarily form the fat of the animals from livestock production.

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Daka SecAnim vouch for Veterinary Safety

The Danish food system is world-class and exports food to the whole world, which you as a Dane can be proud of. There is control over the processes and safety from barn to plate and therefore the individual farmer in Denmark can sell his animal products to an international market.

The level of security we have in the Danish agricultural and food sector is not a matter of course. This is due to strong cooperation across agricultural value chains. We are part of a common integrated system, where collaboration and knowledge sharing are crucial for international success. We all have a responsibility to ensure that our production is handled safely – even when we have to handle our dead animals.

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Farmers Consultant

Lars Jørgen Nielsen

Phone: +45 5156 4092
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