PIGUP&KO becomes easier to integrate into everyday life


On Wednesday morning, 9 November, a major update to Daka’s ordering app PIGUP&KO will be released with new features that make it easier and more efficient for Danish livestock producers to handle the dead animals in their daily work. The new features include a special employee login, the possibility to pre-register dead animals and guidance material. Daka thus makes the use of the app more accessible to the employees who handle the animals.

Daka SecAnim strives to make the work with dead animals as smooth as possible and deliver solutions that are easily integrated into the daily lives of Danish livestock producers. That’s why Daka is now launching a comprehensive update to its PIGUP&KO app, which Danish livestock producers use to order the collection of their dead animals.

“Dead animals are understandably not high on the priority list out on Danish farms. We therefore see it as our task to make it easy and convenient to work correctly with your dead animals. Handling dead animals correctly and quickly is crucial for the value of the animals. Our systems must therefore be relevant and easy to use for those who have to handle and register the animals,” says Søren Mohr Jensen, Communications and Marketing Manager at Daka.

The update will be released on Wednesday 9 November and the app will work as before, with the standard features remaining the same, while the new features are an optional extra that provides new opportunities to integrate the app into everyday routines.

New features adapted to everyday life
The update introduces several new features that meet concrete needs on Danish farms. A special employee login and the ability to make pre-registrations in the system will, among other things, make communication between employees on the farm easier.

“Growing farms with more and more employees mean that dead animals often change hands several times on the way to the collection point. We have therefore developed a login dedicated to employees, from which the employee can, for example, make an entry in the barn, which is then approved by the employee who moves the animal to the pick-up point – with a single swipe. This gives a better overview in everyday life and allows you to safely give employees access to the app’s functions,” says Lars Jørgen Nielsen, farmer consultant at Daka and continues:

“In addition, several people have asked for concrete guidance material that farmers and employees can have directly at hand. We have put both short ‘how-to’ videos on the correct handling of the animals and our educational material in the app. It puts the knowledge employees need right at their fingertips.”

The app will also record data from each farm and compare the data with other farms. This will allow farmers to benchmark their own performance to see how effective their own handling of fallen stock is.

FACT: New features in the App Update

  • Creating an employee login
  • Partial enrolment function allowing employees to pre-enrol animals that need final approval.
  • ‘Your Numbers’, which provides an overview of enrolment performance, showing the number of spoilage fees, average time from pre-enrolment to final
  • enrolment, and how accurately enrolments are made.
  • Guides in multiple formats, so the employee always has advice and guidance at their fingertips
  • Push and service messages
  • Ability to name locations internally to match the everyday nickname
  • Multiple CVRs in the same login

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