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Value-added By-products Safeguard Natural Resources

Fat products from Daka SecAnim constitute the raw material base for the production of second generation biodiesel at Daka ecoMotion. Meat and bone meal (category 1) is a green alternative to the fossil fuels used in the production of cement and building materials.

Organic fertiliser
Daka SecAnim's meat and bone meal (category 2) is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. It is therefore a key ingredient for organic farming, horticulture and home gardening.  Øgro is Daka SecAnim's own brand, which is an non-ecological approved fertiliser for danish organic farming. The product has demonstrated good fertiliser properties at farming trials, etc.

You can read more about the catagories in the by-product regulations (EU-1069/2009).

Various Application Possibilities

To ensure that raw materials are as fresh as possible, Daka SecAnim plans its own transportation of raw materials. The raw materials are transported as quickly as possible to the processing plant, as fast processing ensures the least impact on the environment and the best product quality.

What are the raw materials used for?
Daka SecAnim produces meat and bone meal and fat from the collected raw materials. Meat and bone meal must not be used as feed for livestock animals and is incinerated in power plants or used as fuel for cement production. Daka SecAnim does not produce soap out of fat from the raw materials.

There are various application possibilities for the use of the processed raw materials belonging to categories 1 and 2 in accordance with the by-product Regulation (EC) 1069/2009.

Category 1 products must be incinerated, through which the products can be used for energy production. Meat and bone meal is particularly suitable as an energy source in the production of cement and cement-related products. This is because the ash may be included in the final product.

For category 2 products, there are more possiblities uses, as it is also allowed to be used in the production of organic fertiliser.

Quality Control & Analysis

Daka SecAnim's products are produced under continuous process control.

Continuous process control ensures consistent quality
Daka SecAnim's finished products are characterised by a high and consistent quality. The company works in line with a self-inspection programme, which is approved by the DVFA. The finished products are monitored through an extensive programme of chemical analysis, NIR (Near Infrared Reflectance) analyses and bacteriological analyses.

All recipients of products from Daka SecAnim must have applied for and obtained the relevant authorities' authorisation for the use of processed animal by-products.

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