Minimal Environmental Load

Daka SecAnim monitors developments in the improvement of environmental measures
Daka SecAnim processes by-products in a way that is controled by relevant veterinary and environmental regulators. This is done by selecting production equipment that minimises environmental impact and minimises the risk of affecting the surrounding area in combination with modern environmental systems. DVFA Aarhus is the regulatory authority for the factory.

The most significant environmental aspects of production are:

  • Industrial waste water is treated in our own water treatment plant and then discharged at Randers Fjord
  • Weak odorous air is emitted from smoke stacks after treatment in odour-cleansing facilities
  • The emission of CO2 and NOx from the combustion of natural gas, oil and animal fat in the plant’s central boiler

Environmental Monitoring

It is of course Daka’s goal to ensure the plants do not cause odour nuisance in the environment, however, if you experience any odour nuisance from Daka SecAnim, Randers, you can report this to

If you have questions regarding the overall environmental situation you can contact Environment and Safety manager John Jensen at email or tel: +45 7928 4200.

Environmental policy applicable to Daka SecAnim

Daka’s environmental management system must effectively support the focus areas of sustainable production and skilled leadership. The environmental management system includes production at Daka SecAnim, Kronjydevej 8, 8960 Randers SØ.

  • Daka will be an environmentally responsible company that actively and openly informs about environmental issues in our company and involves the local area to reduce the environmental impacts experienced by the neighbors.
  • Daka will ensure that we continuously improve our environmental management system so that it supports an improvement in environmental performance.
  • Daka will strive for the company to have the least possible impact on the environment through pollution prevention and the use of correct and sustainable technological solutions.
  • Daka employees must be taught and made aware of their potential to influence environmental performance.
  • Daka will comply with binding obligations including legal requirements.

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