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Advice for a good pickup point

The pickup point is where, we at Daka meet your production and our daily cooperation takes its basis. Having a good collectionsspace means that we at Daka SecAnim can collect your dead animals as fast, effective and gentle as possibl. Read along, and get our tips for a well-arranged collectionspace.

Avoid Facilitation of a Inexpedient Environment

First and foremost you ought to arrange your collectionspace, which facilitate an environment that prevent unnecessary decay. If it is impossible, then place  the collectionspace in the shadow. Place the animals on a firm, raised foundation, such as furrows made of concrete. Make sure that the animals are correctly covered, so that they are effectively protected aginst necrophagous animals. That way you can secure that the animals is installed in a dry and protected way. You can also secure ventilation for the animalt by making a bores in the top of your cadaver cover.

Ensure a good Access Road

The access road and the space around your collectionspace should first and foremost be available for trucks up to 40 ton. There must be space for a turn or a opportunity for thoroughfare. Make sure to keep the space free for other equipment, and remember that our driver under no circumstances must reverse to a public road. Should the space be placed along a road, there need to be space for other cars to pass the truck, while it collects.

The Drivers needs to be able to see, what they are doing

Even though your collectionspace must be discreetly placed and perferably with a barrier around, it is also important that the barrier is not to high (max 140 cm.) on the side, where the truck collects your animals. It is necessary that the truck is able to park on the left side of the collectionspace, given that the driver must be able to see, what he is doing on the platform in the left side og the truck.

When the driver has a good overview, it is possible for him to do his work as gentle and secure as possible.

Maintain your Collection Space

A good collectionspace needs to be continuously maintained and you must secure that the equipment on the collectionspace is functional. You therefore need to control the following continuously:

  • that the cadaver cover is undamaged and that the grip ring is intact
  • that the piglet container is undamaged and the cap is able to close
  • that the furrows are dry and ventilated
  • that the collectionspace are kept clean and clear

Place the Furrows Correctly

Make sure to place the furrows analogously with the collection-truck. The claw of the truck is not able to turn, which means that if the furrows are placed in the wrong direction, the claw might grasp the gaps of the furrows and thereby push them furrows around. We recommend to place the furrows above joists and hereby raise them 15-20 cm. Remember either to fasten the furrows to the underlying joists or to bolt them together with a angle iron or something like that. When the furrows has been placed analogously with the trucks position, the animals needs to be placed in the opposite way, so that they lie perpendicular to the truck. That way, you make the effort more frictionless for the driver.

Place your Collection Space Discreetly

It is not only for the sake of the driver that you should think about, how your collectionspace looks. It is also a matter of the working environment on your property. Your collectionspace both send a signal to those that use it and those, who pass by.Think about the signal you wish to send as a workplace, by handeling this part of your production in a professionel way.

At collectionspace, which is well thought out, sends a positive signal to your surroundings.

You can also read: "A drivers view on the collectionspace" here


Farmers Consultant

Lars Jørgen Nielsen

Phone: +45 5156 4092
Mobile: +45 5156 4692