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Waste form Home Slaughtering

At Daka SecAnim, we provide services for a large number of animal livestocks on a daily basis. We therefore also collect and process by-products from home slaugthering. The resulting products are used for i.a. organic fertilizer, biodiesel, and CO2-reducing fuels for cement plants. All in affordance with the law and with the highest possible level of safety and hygiene.

Handeling of waste from home slaugthering 
All types of waste from home slaughters (including hunting waste) must be registered via the form below or telephone +45 7928 4047, after which it will be collected separately. Waste from slaugthering is picked up once a week, so be aware of what day it is in your area.

Order collection of waste from Slaughtering

Afregnes pr. påbegyndte 150 kg (pr. tønde).

Hvis du har spørgsmål kan du ringe på tlf. 79284047

Information om vores afhentningsservice

Information about Collection

Contact Callcenter SecAnim for special circumstances or as a new customer
If you have spoiled sheep or goats, it must not be mixed with the other dead animals - contact Callcenter SecAnim to arrange a separate collection.

Daka SecAnim must, like the farmers, report relocations to the Animal Registration. All dead animals are processed at our factory in Randers, which has CHR no. 71930.

Pick-up times and the driving system
In Daka SecAnim, we have a dynamic route planning system, so that the cars' route is updated every 5 minutes while driving, and they can therefore include new registrations along the way. This means that we can in principle arrive within 5 minutes if there is a car near you when you sign up.

Daka SecAnim offers e-mail and SMS service if you want to be notified of the expected time for collection. Contact call center SecAnim to register.

Registration Procedures

All types of offal from home slaughters must be registered on telephone 7928 4047, after which it will be collected separately. If you have a CVR number you can order directly below. As a private person, you can call us and we will set you up immediately.

Storage of Fallen Stock

The offal must be stored in a container that the crane on the truck can lift, if you are in doubt you can contact us here or on phone 7928 4700

Arrangement of the Collection Space

It is important that the animals are located in the shade. Shade can be achieved from buildings, tall trees or ensured by erecting fences, hedges with wire mesh or similar. Max. height of 1.4 m on the loading side.

Easy access
The pick-up site must be located in a way that Daka SecAnim's vehicles do not have to reverse either out of or into a public road during collection. Pick-up in the middle of private roads without passing options requires turning space. The road surface must be of reasonable quality. Trees and shrubs should be cut back. House numbers should be visible. Where there is a possibility of mistaking the way to the pick-up point, signs should be erected. Check out our roadsigns here.

In order to achieve the least possible risk of infection, the pick-up site should be located so that the driving path for the transport of animals to the pick-up location does not cross, and is not the same as, the one that Daka SecAnim's vehicles use.

Minimising the Risk of Infection

Since July 1, 2013, BSE samples of cattle for human consumption are no longer required, including home-slaughtered.

The only cattle for human consumption to be examined include emergency slaughtered cattle over 48 months with an emergency slaughter attestation and cattle over 48 months, and those with symptoms excluded by at slaughterhouses (AM animals). In addition, cattle over 48 months, suspected for BSE or confirmed BSE cases (OT animals) may be included.

Protection against infection / the environment / discretion
It is recommended that the pick-up space is located at a suitable distance from production buildings. The cover is not to protect against airborne transmission, but against birds pecking at the animals. It is Daka SecAnim's experience that birds are rarely a problem when by-products are registered immediately and stored properly.

Proper storage minimises the risk of infection
Contact infection can be avoided by ensuring adequate transport of the by-products to the collection site and organising a pick-up space if necessary with turning space, so that the transport routes of fallen stock to and from the site do not cross each other. 

There is no significant environmental nuisance if by-procuts is stored and collected properly.


Since 1 July 2013, BSE samples of cattle for consumption, including domestic slaughter, will no longer be taken.

The only cattle for consumption that need to be examined are emergency slaughtered cattle over 48 months with an emergency slaughter certificate and cattle over 48 months, which they take from the slaughterhouse with symptoms (AM animals). In addition, there may be cattle over 48 months of age in connection with a BSE suspicion or a confirmed case of BSE (OT animals).

Duties on Collection

For regular suppliers, the duty will be charged monthly in arrears. The payment is conducted by payment slip or PBS, and the deadline for payment will be stated in the charge.

If the latest due date is exceeded, two reminders will be sent from Daka SecAnim, each with a remuneration fee of DKK 100. In case the payment is continuously absent, the claim will be delegated to debt recovery without any notice, where all costs are imposed to the debtor. Concurrent with the delegation to debt recovery, the future collection discontinues until the outstanding incl. cost incurred is registered as payed. Nevertheless, the collection can carry on again, when a copy of a postmarked certificate of posting (Fax or postal mail) is demonstrated, which documents that the payment has occurred to the lawyer noted on the enclosed giro cheque. A fee on paper-invoice is implemented.

Daka SecAnim has an invoice fee on 50 DKK ex VAT per paper-invoice. It is possible to avoid this fee, if the invoice is sent through e-mail in the future. Registration takes place here.

Daka SecAnim also offers an automatic payment. Register for Supplyservice (Leverandørservice) or direct debit service here.

Fee of analysis will be imposed for the BSE-surveillanceprogram for cattle’s over 48 months. As from January 1st, 2009, the age limit regarding BSE-analysis was changes from 24 months to 48 months.

Registration of e-mail for receipt of invoice

You must remember to register, if you want to receive your invoices via e-mail in the future and save the invoice fee of 50 DKK for receiving a paper invoice.

Register here.

Sustainable recycling

As a customer of Daka SecAmim, you contribute to sustainable recycling: Fat from processing is used for biodiesel and meat and bone meal is used in an environmentally friendly way as an alternative fuel at power plants or in the cement industry or as fertilizer ingredients.

Read more about sustainability

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