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 Daka’s employees are responsible for our day-to-day business and, not least, the Group’s excellent results. Become part of our professional team!

Job opportunities at Daka SecAnim
At Daka SecAnim, the employees are regarded as an essential asset, and secure employment is an important part of Daka’s staff policy. When employing staff, Daka will seek to ensure that the right mix between young and experienced employees, training and qualifications of its combined workforce enable it to carry out the work to the highest possible standards.

Emphasis will be placed on personal qualities such as interpersonal skills, initiative, loyalty, openness and the ability to achieve good results.

Unsolicited applications
All vacancies are advertised on this page and we therefore do not keep unsolicited applications. Please submit an application for any advertised positions that interest you.


You will find our job openings at Daka Denmark's main web page 

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HR Development Manager, Camilla Holse tel: +45 7928 4114

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