Storage of Fallen Stock

Notice of storage of fallen stock
Food Administration Executive Order No. 558 for Storage of fallen stock which entered into force on 6 June 2011 can be seen in this link (Danish)

Changes of 14.08.2007 concerning the specific requirements of livestock famers exceeding an annual average of 500 animal units are added to the executive order.

Cadaver cover / tarpaulin
So-called cadaver covers should be placed in the shade as they become very hot in the sun (they become a covered "roasting tin"). Remember to maintain the gripping ring so that Daka SecAnim's drivers do not need to move about at the pick-up site. This makes the work easier and minimises the risk of infection. To ensure air around the animals so that the surface can dry, there must be approx. 100 holes with a diameter of approx. 10 mm uniformly distributed over the surface of the cadaver cover.

Special tarpaulins with pipes in the sides are suitable for covering when they are placed in the shade. They do not get blown away in windy conditions. Loose covers in plastic, etc., are not suitable for covering, as they can easily be blown away in windy weather. This presents an increased risk of infection.

Issues concerning the collection
Daka does not put down animals, and is involved solely in the removal of fallen stock.

For correct destruction of animals, please refer to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s website

When Daka SecAnim's drivers arrive, the animals must have been correctly destroyed. If this is not the case, a report will be made to the police.

Animals for pick-up must be whole. If an animal has undergone a home autopsy, the animal must be securely stitched together.
Whole cattle, calves, sheep, goats, lambs and kids must be identifiable at pick-up (so that specific risk material is not mixed with others).

For payment reasons, among other things, it is important that piglets are placed in the green piglet containers. Pigs placed next to the piglet container will be charged per piece, see the price list.

Cattle and calves over 7 days old
Cattle and calves over 7 days old must have the statutory earmarks as Daka SecAnim is required to report the animal's CKR number to the CHR register.

Sheep and goats
Sheep and goats over 7 days old must also have statutory earmarks. Read more here














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