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On this page you will find relevant information regarding collection of dead animals. Get an overview on the possible ways to order collection, available services and terms and conditions regarding our services. Your can order collection via or


Remember to register the correct number of animals and that registration must be entered no later than 23:50 for pick-up the next day. It is important that spoilt (rotten) stock, goats/sheeps or hunting waste does not get mixed up with the fallen stock - please contact the SecAnim office on tel. +45 8795 9222 to arrange seperat collections. 


Daka SecAnim's CHR number is: 71930


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You can register with the following procedures:


Fixed registration where the supplier and Daka have signed an agreement about fixed collection on a pre-specified day of the week (or more). 


PigUp & Ko, our new app that allows you to place your order for pick-up easily via your smartphone. PigUp & Ko allows for mutiple users attached to one account, making it possible for co-workers to order collection. The app is free, and can be downloaded via app store or google play - just search for Daka SecAnim or PigUp & Ko.   

Sign up on the automatic registration system on tel. 7022 5544.  Enter the 8-digit telephone number and then press #. You will then be asked to type in the CHR number of the pick-up address. When you call you will be guided on how to register for the exact type of animal you have. It is important to register the correct type and quantity.


Telephone contact to the office on tel. 8795 9222.
This number should be used if there is any special information in connection with the registration/collection.


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Email service
If you wish to receive notifications of the pick-up time, Daka SecAnim offers an email service where you receive an email when you register fallen stock with the estimated time of pick-up and the time when the fallen stock should be ready for collection.

SMS service
Daka SecAnim also offers an SMS service where you can receive an SMS message when you register fallen stock with the estimated time of pick-up.


Regular pick-up
If there is a need for regular pick-up every week, this may be arranged by phone on tel. 8795 9222. If there are larger animals that die between these regular pick-up times, these animals need to be registered immediately. Remember to de-register if there are no animals to be picked up, otherwise you will be charged for the unnecessary trip.

Quick registration
Fallen stock that have not been cooled down must be registered as soon as possible. Rotting animals produce increased odour from vehicles and from our factories, and they also adversely affect the quality of the finished product.

Spoilt fallen stock - extra fee
Daka SecAnim has a fee for spoilt animals. This fee is found on the price list.


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