Instructions for Contagious Livestock Diseases

The purpose of the instructions is to ensure quick, effective and correct action in relation to suspected outbreak of infectious diseases in livestock. The instructions are also applicable during emergency drills conducted by the authorities.

The instructions and their annexes are sent to DVFA as it contains information about contact people who must be informed where appropriate. Daka regularly publishes revisions of these instructions and appendices (Danish versions only).

Action upon the outbreak of contagious diseases
Appendix for dealing with outbreaks of infectious animal diseases
Handling of List 1 diseases
Handling of List 2 diseases
Handling of List 3 diseases


How great is the risk of infection with Daka SecAnim's vehicles?
At Daka SecAnim's plant, there are many measures taken to completely remove the risk of infection from Daka SecAnim's vehicles. One of the many steps is disinfection. For many diseases the risk of infection is significantly reduced when the animal's breathing has stopped. However, you cannot be too careful, and Daka SecAnim has given a number of instructions as to how to arrange your pick-up site in the best way possible.

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