Charges for Collection and Processing of Fallen Stock

Duties on collection



For regular suppliers, the duty will be charged monthly in arrears. The payment is conducted by payment slip or PBS, and the deadline for payment will be stated in the charge.

If the latest due date is exceeded, two reminders will be sent from DAKA SecAnim, each with a remuneration fee of DKK 100. In case the payment is continuously absent, the claim will be delegated to debt recovery without any notice, where all costs are imposed to the debtor. Concurrent with the delegation to debt recovery, the future collection discontinues until the outstanding incl. cost incurred is registered as payed. Nevertheless, the collection can carry on again, when a copy of a postmarked certificate of posting (Fax or postal mail) is demonstrated, which documents that the payment has occurred to the lawyer noted on the enclosed giro cheque.

A fee on paper-invoice is implemented.

As of the August-invoice 2017 Daka SecAnim implement an invoice fee on 50 DKK ex VAT per paper-invoice. It is possible to avoid this fee, if the invoice is sent through e-mail in the future. Registration takes place here.

Daka SecAnim also offers an automatic payment. Register for Supplyservice (Leverandørservice) or direct debit service here.

Any possible changes in duties will be published on this website.


Fee of analysis

Fee of analysis will be imposed for the BSE-surveillanceprogram for cattle’s over 48 months. As from January 1st, 2009, the age limit regarding BSE-analysis was changes from 24 months to 48 months.


Penalty for decomposition

There is an extra fee on rotten units

·       Pigs 4 x list price

·       Suckling calves 4 x list price

·       Ruminants 2 x list price (Additional ruminants unchanged)

I 2020 we increased the penalty for decomposition to motivate a faster registration.  We had to motivate for a faster registration, in order to avoid decomposition. When an animal is decomposing, it is a source of smell, bad image for agricultureand deteriorated value of the raw material, when it is recycled. 

The penalty for decomposition are to be considered as an image improving effort for both agriculture and Daka. Daka is not supposed to earn money on the effort and we will do what we can, so that you as a farmer can avoid the fee.


How to avoid the fee

·       When the animal is established as dead, it is removed to the space for collection and registered. Even on weekends.

·       According to the law, you shall register for collection 24 hours after the animal is dead at the latest. Read more here. HUSK LINK

·       REMEMBER that you pay for what we collect, not for the amount of times, we collect. You should therefore register, when the animal is dead and not according to, when you believe the DAKA-car is arriving.

·       Keep the animals cold, if possible.

·       Install your space for collection in the shade and keep it dry and clean.

·       Implement daily routines for handling and registering dead animals.

·       Address our agriculturalist for advice and consultation


Lars Jørgen Nielsen

Tel. +45 51 56 46 92



Smell is a challenge

Small amounts of decomposed raw material accelerate the decomposition substantially through our whole process and has both quality- and environmental consequences. Especially in and around the factory in Randers, where smell is the source of huge challenges in relation to the local image. Simultaneously, the storage of the dead animals on the spaces for collection are constantly scrutinized by interest groups, who considers the way in which the dead animal is handled and stored, as a mirror on, how the production of domestic animals occurs in general. We stand together with you as farmers to secure that these challenges do not occur.

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