Raw Materials in Daka SecAnim

 Receipt of raw materials at Daka SecAnim's processing plant takes place in segregated and closed silos depending on the nature of the products.

Management of all deliveries
Daka SecAnim manages the transport of all raw materials itself, ensuring that the raw materials are transported as quickly as possible. Transport carried out by external carriers takes place in Daka SecAnim's own containers, which are used for this purpose.

Fresh and unspoilt raw materials
Unspoilt raw materials are a prerequisite for Daka SecAnim being able to process the animal by-products in an environmentally-sound manner and with the least possible inconvenience to the surrounding community. The freshness of the raw materials is also important for the consistent quality of the processed products. This is important to allow the products to be utilised for energy and technical purposes on the best possible economical basis. Therefore, Daka SecAnim has introduced a refrigerated container system that reduces problems with spoiled raw materials, especially during summer time.

The raw materials at the plant
The segregation of raw materials into different receiving silos ensures that raw materials can be constantly added to production in a regulated manner, thereby ensuring that the finished products are homogeneous and comply with the declared specifications.

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