Which types of Raw Materials does Daka SecAnim Accept?

Daka accepts category 1 and 2 animal by-products in accordance with the by-product regulation.


Daka accepts

The following guidelines cover pigs, cattle, goats, sheep, ostriches, poultry, mink, foxes, hunted game, zoo animals, etc.
Animal by-products of category 1 and 2
Dead farm animals and parts of farm animals and animals from which it is normal to eat meat
Fur animals
Hunted game and parts thereof
Domestic animals used as test animals for operations etc. that are put down in connection with the operation
Parts of larger animals from zoos


Daka does not accept

Pets (dogs and cats)
Veterinary waste, including dogs and cats, etc.
Laboratory animals subject to medical experiments, including animals that are bred for this purpose, including mice, rats, hamsters, etc.
Genetically modified animals
Other animals such as mice, rats, reptiles, snakes, monkeys, parrots, etc.

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