Value-added By-products Safeguard Natural Resources

Daka SecAnim produces a range of value-added by-products to ensure the optimal use of animal resources from agriculture, slaughterhouses and the food industry.

Fat products from Daka SecAnim constitute the raw material base for the production of second generation biodiesel at Daka ecoMotion. Meat and bone meal (category 1) is a green alternative to the fossil fuels used in the production of cement and building materials, etc. Meat and bone meal is a CO2-neutral bio-fuel comparable to wood chips and other biomass.

Organic fertiliser
Daka SecAnim's meat and bone meal (category 2) is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. It is therefore a key ingredient for organic farming, horticulture and home gardening. The product is used by a number of Europe's leading producers of organic fertilisers. Øgro is Daka SecAnim's own brand, which is an approved fertiliser for Danish organic farming. The product has demonstrated good fertiliser properties at farming trials, etc.

To respect natural resources, all animal by-products are used in the best possible way. Therefore Daka SecAnim supplies skins to relevant industries.

You can read the product descriptions here. Additionally the categorisation and areas of application of Daka SecAnim's finished products are described in the by-product regulations (EU-1069/2009).

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