PIGUP&KO Piglet containers: Simple and practical




The handling of dead piglets is known to be a challenge. Therefore we provide two different models of piglet containers. Both containers have a capacity of 240 liters, but different quality. One square standard model, as you already know it, or the new round piglet container plus. 

The round piglet container offers a more durable solution that is well-suited for the work environment of agricultural establishments. It has wide rubber tyres and a rounded body that works great with the lift used by Daka SecAnim. This results in less wear and tear, and increased durability.


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PIGUP&KO Piglet containers:

  • 240 L capacity
  • Made of high-quality plastic


The plus-model:

  • Wide rubber tyres
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Round shape for increased durability


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Lars Jørgen Nielsen

Agricultural Consultant  

Tel.: +45 7928 4092

Mobile: +45 5156 4692



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