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Activate push notifications on your phone


With the PIGUP&KO-app you can keep yourself up to date on operational information such as holiday pick-ups, hunting season and other relevant information. Therefore, we recommend that you enable push notifications via the app. That way you will always be up to date. There are not a lot of notifications just current and relevant information, which you can take advantage of having right on your phone.



First time you use the app

The first time you register a pick-up in the app you will be met with the window below, and all you have to do is allow notifications and you will now receive push notifications.




If you have previously disabled push notifications

If you chose "do not allow" in the window above, you have to go into the settings app on your phone to allow push notifications. In the setting app under notifications you have to find the PIGUP&KO app and allow notifications. You will now be able to receive push notifications about relevant operational information.



...on an Iphone

...on Android










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