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With the PIGUP&KO-app it’s become a lot easier to register your dead livestock. Say goodbye to phone queues and slow computers. Just a few taps and you’ve registered your dead livestock and we’ll pick it up as fast as possible – usually the same day. So register as soon as you need a pickup; you can even register multiple times a day if needed, and it doesn’t cost extra, as well as allow for a better product for recycling. The app is for both agriculture and business clients with pickup of dead pigs, cattle, sheep and goats. The app also provides an overview of previous pickups and current registered pickups; and when you use the app you can easily register the transfer of livestock to Daka in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s directory.

Advantages of the PIGUP&KO app

  • Fast and easy order and pickup of dead livestock
  • Overview of previous pickups (7 days back)
  • Overview of upcoming pickups
  • The user can be shared among employees
  • Registration of animals both within and outside of stock
  • Cattle producers can make quick transfers in the animal directory to Daka directly in the app, both manually and automatically
  • Pig producers can easily register internal transfers between stocks directly in the app, both manually and automatically.

Nem oprettelse i appen

When you have downloaded the app in AppStore or GooglePlay you create your user with the phonenumber you are registred with at Daka, and the first time you sign in your debitor number is the password. 

If you need help you can always call us on 7928 4047.


Find the PIGUP&KO in App Store or on Google Play

Daka Denmark A/S
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DK-8722 Hedensted
CVR-nr 33776039

Phone: +45 7928 4047

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 07.00-15.00