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About Daka SecAnim

Waste products are one of the major resources of the future. Daka SecAnim knows this: By collecting and processing many tons of organic waste products daily from farms with animal husbandry. Daka SecAnim performs a task for society ensuring that organic waste products are used as a resource. Any possible spread of contagious animal diseases is minimised through the company's collection and processing. At Daka SecAnim, waste products are recycled for fertiliser and energy production.

There is a strong focus on environmentally-sound collection of raw materials, and Daka SecAnim plans collection of all raw materials, which ensures the least impact on the environment and the best product quality.

Group information

A part of Daka Denmark A/S
Daka SecAnim A/S is part of the Daka Denmark Group, an international producer of quality ingredients for use in animal feed, fertilizer, sustainable energy and biodiesel. Daka also offers a wide range of services to the agricultural sector and the food industry. Daka exports to most parts of the world and complies with international hygiene and maintenance standards. The company’s factories comply with the high bacteriological standards set out in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s programme for self-control.

Part of an international group
Daka Denmark A/S is part of the international SARIA Group.

Daka Denmark A/S
Lundagervej 21
DK-8722 Hedensted
CVR-nr 33776039

Phone: +45 7928 4047

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 07.00-15.00